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Digital services – there for you today and tomorrow.

SBB offers more and more digital services to improve the customer experience. Get to know a selection of them during this year’s Swiss Digital Days: Find out how the SBB virtual assistant simplifies your travel planning, how the digital assistant answers your questions about your GA Travelcard or Half Fare Travelcard round the clock, or how you can book a personal consultation online at any time in just a few clicks. And last but not least: what you can expect in the future.

Our digital services – there for you today and tomorrow.

Passenger mobility needs are changing, new service providers are surging onto the market, and digitalisation and automation are opening up new opportunities. Across the whole of the mobility chain, we are combining the strength of the railway and the potential of new technologies in our digital services, while always handling your customer data with the utmost confidentiality.

The virtual assistant – the voice of the future?

"Hey Google, ask SBB: when is the next train from Bern to Lucerne?" Timetable information, ticket prices, information on train occupancy rates and any potential delays – you can now get all this information with voice control.

SBB’s digital assistant – artificial intelligence to help you arrive at the answer faster than ev-er.

At, a digital assistant has already begun providing a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions about the GA Travelcard and Half Fare Travelcard, by means of chat conversations which are powered by artificial intelligence.

Your virtual consultation appointment – personal and free of charge.

During the Digital Days customer advisors will answer your questions and give you practical tips on how to use the website. For the first time, we will offer virtual consultations on a trial basis – just as we like to say "Get your ticket easily wherever you are".

Where customers help each other – the SBB Community.

The SBB Community is your digital point of contact for your questions about rail and all the things that go with it. Here you can chat with other passengers, get their help with your problems or share your own tips on all things related to SBB trains, stations and services.

EasyRide – check in, set off and travel without a worry.

Would you like to travel by public transport without having to worry about tickets – and just get on and go? Without even having to decide where you are going beforehand? Thanks to EasyRide you can now do this with ease: simply check in with a swipe before your journey and check out afterwards with another swipe. EasyRide calculates the best price for you at the end of the day.

Data protection at SBB.

We are always offering you more digital services, and improving our existing ones. Using them generates data. But what actually happens to it? Find out more about our customer promise and our commitment to handling your data confidentially.

Andy Zesiger

Contact Person
Andy Zesiger

Senior Digital Channel Manager