The Adecco Group Switzerland works to get people into work. Every day, we empower people of all ages and from all walks of life to gain fulfilling and rewarding roles. And we work closely with employers too. Understanding their needs. Then helping them to devise and deliver short and long-term hiring strategies. It’s all about spotting potential and opportunities for growth. Then bringing job seekers and employers together to achieve maximum impact. We handle everything from general recruitment through to specialist industry placements.

Specialisations as well as retraining and further education, above all in digital sectors, are growing in importance.

Nicole Burth, CEO of the Adecco Group Switzerland

Why we join

Digitalization also affects the business model of recruitment and hiring. At the Adecco Group Switzerland, the change is reflected in a growing demand for highly qualified professionals in academic professions and specialists in technical professions. Recruiting such top professionals requires new approaches: active digital search. digitalswitzerland supports companies in this digital transformation.

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