TWINT AG has been creating digital innovations in the financial sector since 2014. 

Make convenient and secure payments with your smartphone: in online shops, between friends and at cash registers. The mobile payment solution of Swiss banks and SIX/Worldline.

TWINT – Switzerland's digital cash

TWINT is the only system that offers a direct account connection and links everybody in Switzerland with one another.

Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT AG

Why we join

Digitalisation is an unstoppable process and we find ourselves in the midst of this transformation. Will we still be making payments tomorrow just like we did yesterday? TWINT would like to allay the fears of the population with respect to digital payments and show how simple and practical it can be to also head out from time to time without your wallet or purse. Thanks to the Swiss banks involved with TWINT, the greatest possible security and comprehensive data protection are guaranteed.

Make everyday payments conveniently and securely with TWINT. 

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